In 2015, the decision was made to create a truly digital, truly local solution like none other. Digitaria merged with ten other digital agencies in the J. Walter Thompson Company to create a new global agency—Mirum.

Mirum, the Latin word for amazing, brings together Digitaria, Casa, XM Asia, ActiveArk and TwistImage under a single brand. It also offers digital shopper activation through Lunchbox, search and performance marketing through I-Cherry and Service Design through HeathWallace. Quirk and X-Prime are also part of Mirum, though not under the Mirum branding. All of these businesses share common values in their entrepreneurial attitude, technological capabilities and desire to help clients transform their businesses by taking a digital-first approach.

Combined, Mirum offers a specialized global capability that is easy to buy and competitive. Mirum gives clients access to centers of excellence that exist across the offices and provide an easy way for clients to expand their global marketing via connected teams around the world, with 31 offices in 18 countries. Our total staff brings together more than 1,600 professionals.