Why build your web development career on Drupal instead of ____________?

Audience: Web developers who are in college or within three years of graduating.
Target: Computer science or other software development students at local universities (U of U, SLCC, UVU, BYU, Weber, WGU, Neumont, Stephens Henager, etc...)

You're a developer who's either in college or graduated less than three years ago. You love open source software because it was so accessible for learning... and it's just a cool concept for spreading opportunity and making the world better. You've dabbled in a few languages (Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python... and now Nodejs), but aren't really dead set on anything.

We would like to introduce you to Drupal.

If it were just a content management framework written in PHP, it wouldn't be that exciting. But the essence of Drupal isn't free code from github. IT'S COMMUNITY! It's about local learning opportunities and sharing ideas. It's about thousands of "wheels" you don't have to re-invent because the community has done it for you. It's about developing friendships with other Drupal developers along the Wasatch Front and around the world. It's about job security and being able to make yourself very valuable to your employer. For entrepreneurs, it's about being able to compete head-to-head with entire custom development teams. It's about knowing exactly who you'll reach out to if you get laid off or are ready for a new challenge. It's about working together with others to give back.

If this sounds interesting, join us to learn more!

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