Drupal and Your Data: Mastering the Views API

The widely-used Views module provides an incredible API that allows developers to integrate their own custom data tables, modify the behavior of Views at every level, leverage the performance of SQL's calculation engine, and eliminate the need for reports constructed through manual SQL queries. Learning this API greatly expands the toolbox of any Drupal developer, and it is a great place to start for people looking to "break into" module development because the tools provided are so applicable to just about every site.

This session will talk about:

- How to use Views "data hooks" to tell Views about custom data tables and calculated fields
- What a "handler" is and how to use them to override the behavior of fields, filters, sorts, and relationships
- How the Views rendering pipeline is laid out and how to modify the behavior of individual Views at runtime
- How the Views plugin system works and how to extend things like Views' access control, query system, display modes, and so on.

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